Dealing Effectively With Dental Anxiety

bullet imagebullet imageMany people suffer from an intense fear of going to the dentist. This prevents them from getting proper care and can lead to many painful dental problems. It is possible to Stop Dental Anxiety by following a few tips. Studies have shown that as many as one in every seven dental patients suffer from anxiety, meaning that this is a very common condition. It affects both children and adults and the fear is very real. Many are afraid of the unknown. This is why it is important to work with a provider that will explain the procedure and tools used in full detail. This helps to ease fears.

Finding a resolution to dental anxiety begins at home. Parents should talk openly with their children about an upcoming dental procedure. The child should feel free to ask any questions and parents should answer them honestly. This helps to ease a lot of tension because the child understands more of what to expect during their appointment. It is also vital to work with a dental provider and staff that recognizes this very real fear, and takes the time to explain the procedure in words a child can understand. They should also be very compassionate and patient as well.

Adults who experience this type of anxiety often find it helpful to listen to music during a procedure. This may help them to relax more. Many providers offer a television or music to help the patient relax. Breathing exercises are also helpful for those with extreme anxiety. Some providers offer sedation dentistry and this is an option to consider. It is important to face the fear, and to conquer it. Many people cancel their appointment because their fear is so great. This means that they are giving in to their fears instead of facing them. Great oral care can only be established with annual visits to the dentist.

It is completely possible to Stop Dental Anxiety by working with a supportive staff of dental providers. Parents can also help to ease the fears of their children by talking openly with them about an upcoming procedure. It is important to understand that these procedures need to be completed to make sure that the patient is healthy and free from pain.